Life Between Lives & Past Life Regression

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About Your Session

How Long is a Session?
Generally Past Life Regression (PLR) sessions are about two hours in length and Life Between Lives Regression sessions are about four hours in length.

How Much Does it Cost?
Each of our Certified Regression Therapists set their own fees. By clicking on the "Contact Us" button you can request fees and ask other questions you may have.

How Does it Work?
A combination of progressive relaxation, guided imagery, deep hypnosis and specialized regression techniques will be used to relax your body, quiet your mind and assist you in accessing memories from the deeper parts of your mind and soul.

Although sessions vary greatly it is our intention to guide you back to one or two plesant childhood events to give you the experience of "'allowing" memories to come rather than "trying" to remember. From there we will guide you into the womb where we will explore how you feel about coming to be born and what your sense of purpose in comming is. From the time in the womb we move back into a significant past life guided by the questions you have brought to your session. We will explore significant events, relationships, promises or agrements, and any residual from the lifetime or lifetimes that may be influencing you in your current life.

How Should I Prepare?
If you have not previously experienced hypnosis or past life regression we recommend that you experience a past life regression before scheduling an LBL session. Doing a past life regression first allows us to see how you respond to hypnotherapy and regression techniques. It also allows us to explore some of the significant past life material that will be the ground work for the longer and deeper LBL session.

Wear comfortable clothing and avoid or limit caffienated beverages the day of your regression. Plan some quiet time for reflection after your session especially for the longer and deeper LBL session.

Prepare a list of questions, relationships or issues that you would like to explore during your past life regression as this will help us in guiding your regression session.

For the LBL session please print out a list of questions that you would like answered by your session, your guide or guides or by the council of wise beings. And, print out a "cast of characters." This is a list of 10-12 people with whom you have or have had significant relationship with. Print their names, what the relationship is and something brief about their character.

Will I Remember?
Yes, you will have full recall of your regression sessions. We will review the highlights of your regression with you and provide you with a digital audio recording of your session for your review.

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